rainbow zebra

Well that’s a fun title.  To go with a bright and happy fabric I saw.


How can you not smile when you see this. Someone submitted this as an ugly fabric at our guild swap.  I LOVE it!

On the ugly fabric challenge, I won. Thanks for voting for me quilty folks.  I will have not problem finding a way to spend my gift certificate at Gala Fabrics. I did some straight line quilting on the green part of the chevrons, but decided to do some free-motion flowers.


I have never taken a lesson in free-motion, but I have learned that EVERY time you start free motion, you should spend just a moment doing a warm up.  I grab 2 scraps and a piece of batting, and give it a whirl.  Practice makes perfect, well makes better than just winging it.


I think I improved as I went along, and did pretty good on the thread match too.


The only actual sewing that happened this weekend was hand sewing binding while sitting for an hour in line at the passport office. Ugh, but good quality time with my needle and thread.  Have a great week ahead.

One lovely blog award

So my lovely quilty friend Nicole of https://handwroughtquilts.wordpress.com/ nominated be for this lovely recognition.  Thanks!  I have many friends, met through a variety of ways, but I have been slowly building a network of people with a passion for quilting like me.  Some connect only through the fabric, but others become friends through the connection.   Nicole is always so encouraging of my quilty endeavours and other plans in life.

Here’s my award:)

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you, and give a link to his/her blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Display the image of the award on your post.
  • List seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate (up to) 15 bloggers for this award, and notify them to let them know you have nominated them.


So, 7 things about me

  1. I am inspired and fueled by the colours around me.
  2. I love the wizard of Oz. ( lots of bright colour there)
  3. I love to bake, but cook out of necessity (hmm that’s like my mom)
  4. I am good at puzzles, train tracks, transformers, and general spatial awareness.
  5. I love numbers and math
  6. I am a very gracious loser, but not a very good winner.
  7. I believe in-get up, dress up, show up.  in other words, if you prepare yourself and put yourself out there, you can do anything.

Hmm, it’s weird when you have to come up with stuff about yourself.

I have been blogging for less than a year, but I have followed and read many quilt blogs over the years.  Here are some literally lovely blogs that I would like to nominate.

https://quimperhitty.wordpress.com/ is an enchanting blog about the adventures of the Hitty family of dolls, made by a woman I met at a class early this year.

Kitty Wilkin is https://nightquilter.com/ She grabbed me with her colour inspiration days.

Lynn Harris of http://thelittleredhen.typepad.com/ is amazing. Her eye for detail and fabric history is amazing.

Kristy Pedersen of http://fogandswell.com/blog/  is an inspiring Nature enthusiast, artist( in paint, ink and fabric) and writer. Plus I am her very proud older sister!

Now, I need to get organized. I get to present a block lotto at my guild meeting tonight.  Again, thanks to Nicole for helping with the handouts and tweaking my directions and palette.  Here’s a peek.


Curry Colour

I was making dinner and it all looked so pretty that I plated it nicely.


Heavy on the orange and yellow.  Yellow curry sauce on butternut squash and orange peppers, with rice, meatballs, and peaches and cream corn from SilverRill farm. http://www.silverrillcorn.com/

A few years ago I started a(nother) quilt.  I even found a layout photo.  Tumbling jewels?


Again I made a poor quilting decision.  Well, not poor, but time consuming.  I think that is why it got put away for 2 years.  Now I just felt like giving it a bit more energy.  And it is coming along, almost done, but definitely a learning experience in quilting pattern choices.  Don’t do a walking foot stitch with LOTS of right angles.  It becomes so very tedious!


But it is looking pretty cool, and almost done.  Just a few more “jewels” to stitch detail into.  Then bind.  It will go in line behind the ugly quilt I am binding at the moment.   A little bit each evening when I finally sit down after the kids are in bed.  Maybe I will have both done in time for the next guild meeting!

Just keep stitching, just keep stitching.


Yellow, red, ready

I came out into the garden today and was greeted by these “smiling” faces.



What a nice way to start the day. The sun wasn’t shining in the sky, but these sunflowers made up for it.

And then in the front yard the Juliet tomatoes are in full swing. Plump and ready to eat.


And looking like clusters of grapes. Yum!

I seem to have a lot of sewing happening all at once.  Different from the approximately 11 quilts in progress, these are out on the table, calling out for attention, due to deadlines.

I have entered a quilt in the Saanich Fair, in the modern quilt category.  That one needs a hanging sleeve, due by sept 1.  Better get on that.

The Ugly fabric challenge for my quilt guild needs to be quilted and bound.  Deadline Sept 15th. Quilting has  begun.

Block lotto to present at the sept 15 guild meeting.  2 blocks made and steps photographed. Still need to made up the handout and directions pdf.

Oh, wait, Netta got sidetracked!!!  I found a cute improve block in a book,that I wanted to try. Pattern by http://mythreesonsknit.blogspot.ca/. 

I started cutting 2 inch squares and was chain piecing in no time.


This became lots of little “houses”:


which became more chains:


Which became this :


Which made me smile.  Not sure what will become of this little one.  Maybe a table runner?  Fun to make, and came together pretty quickly.

Some friends tell me they get so busy some days they forget to eat.  That NEVER happens to me, but sometimes I can “forget” to clean the house, have a shower, etc in my obsession for cutting and sewing fabric.  Onwards!




I bought fabric, again.

Oops I bought fabric!


I say oops, like I slipped and it fell into my lap.  Haha, more like I kissed my hubby and the boys goodbye and headed out to look at fabric at a sale.  Buy 1 metre, get 2 free, who can resist that!!!  I mostly buy solids and a few tone on tone prints that act like solids.  But this piece just kept calling me back to the bolt to touch it.  Do you ever do that?  I have NO IDEA what I will do with this, but I had to have it.

I also grabbed a few fat quarters of solids. DSC03590

I have volunteered to do block lotto http://www.mqgvictoria.com/p/great-tutotials.html for my guild for the rest of the calendar year.  I think this might be the palette for September’s block.

That’s all I have to say tonight.  I really just want to get started on quilting my ugly fabric challenge quilt, and playing with fabric to come up with an improve block for the block lotto.  Probably not going to happen tonight.  But tomorrow!!!

Ugly colour?

I don’t like getting up early! I do it begrudgingly on a regular basis, but enjoy my 7:30 “sleep-in” when I can.   Then along comes excitement about playing with fabric, and a challenge put forth, and I was up just after 6:00 the day after my guild meeting.  I just couldn’t comfortably doze when my brain was sorting through my fabric stash looking for matches to an “ugly fabric” that I received at a MQG http://www.mqgvictoria.com/ guild meeting.  We all came to the meeting with an unmarked paper bag with a  fabric in the bag that we determined to be ugly and why had we ever bought it.  At the end of the meeting we all took home a different bag, and voila!


Not my taste, but not all that bad.  Now, the challenge put out was to make something with this and up to 4 other fabrics.  Prizes to be awarded for best two projects.

I am not competitive in many things, but this challenge got me excited.  There was no way this fabric was going to “disappear in amongst other fabric, so I decided to take the colour lead of the fabric designer. I started pulling fabrics…


Now how to play this one?  I love HSTs and with limited time I decided to go with a chevron design.  Graph paper and pencil to calculate size of squares to cut-4″-was the winner.


These soon became a big stack of half square triangles.


And the layout looks decent.


I love working on a small project.  It can come together so fast.

Top done today.  I am satisfied so far.  I think it’s fun.  Not my best palette, but I didn’t have to buy any fabric and the solids are pretty true to the print.  Somebody might like this.


Now to plan the quilting.  Which again is much more fun when it’s small like this-30″x 36″.  That will be next weekend.

Pink day

Some days seem to have a colour theme, and today there seemed to be a lot of pink.

There was a peony in my backyard that I split into two and moved 2 summers ago.  No blooms last year, and one half has nothing more that leaves again this year. But the other one is clearly happy. Yay.

And a lovely little geranium is keeping my tomato plants company.


Coming up this week is my guild meeting, hooray! The block lotto for this month was on a pink/ orange palette.  With an improve white X.


2 blocks, 2 chances to win a whole bunch of blocks to make a quilt. Part of me always wants to win, part of me knows that even if I did win, I should give them to somebody else, because the last thing I need is another stack of fun quilt blocks to make into a quilt!

The final pink hit of the day…my hubby came home from a Costco shop with a bag of rice.  Check out this cool bag.  Ignore the branding.

It is silly how excited I got about this!  Look, there’s a zipper at  the top, and fun flower print material.  And sturdy handles.  Not quite fabric, not plastic. Seems pretty sturdy.  Once the rice is done I plan to sew on freeform patches to cover the Kirkland brand, maybe keep the castle.

And I was busy sewing in my free moments all weekend, but it is top secret for a few more weeks. HeeHeeHee.




Today I spent a fair bit of time at the Victoria Quilters guild show. I could breath quilts all day long. Amazing work and great vendors with too many tempting things.

From the Button Lady I  found some cute additions for my Guild Name tag


And I had time to sew them on while I sat at our Modern quilt Guild table and promoted the guild!

I also splurged on a lovely bundle of fabric with stenciled words, and 2 great fat quarters that I picked up 2 different times, and on the 3rd time decided I had better just buy them.  All of the fabric is from Hamels Fabric in Chilliwack.


I can’t wait to bust into this stuff, but MUST FINISH another project before starting something new!

I also got this cute chickadee pincushion from the West Shore Quilt Guild table.


Making waves

This month the Block Lotto at my Modern Quilt Guild is an improve curvy block. Colour palette …my favorite colour, blue.

And I love curves too!  Happy me.


I can’t wait to see how the winner of the blocks puts them all together. Maybe it will be me?


This is all the sewing that happened in this busy first weekend of the baseball season.  But at least I got to sew a bit.  Happy me.