Curry Colour

I was making dinner and it all looked so pretty that I plated it nicely.


Heavy on the orange and yellow.  Yellow curry sauce on butternut squash and orange peppers, with rice, meatballs, and peaches and cream corn from SilverRill farm.

A few years ago I started a(nother) quilt.  I even found a layout photo.  Tumbling jewels?


Again I made a poor quilting decision.  Well, not poor, but time consuming.  I think that is why it got put away for 2 years.  Now I just felt like giving it a bit more energy.  And it is coming along, almost done, but definitely a learning experience in quilting pattern choices.  Don’t do a walking foot stitch with LOTS of right angles.  It becomes so very tedious!


But it is looking pretty cool, and almost done.  Just a few more “jewels” to stitch detail into.  Then bind.  It will go in line behind the ugly quilt I am binding at the moment.   A little bit each evening when I finally sit down after the kids are in bed.  Maybe I will have both done in time for the next guild meeting!

Just keep stitching, just keep stitching.


inspiration into fabric

Phew! Raffia skirts, anklets, wristlets all done.

Now I get to have fun with my machine again.

That wave block has kept me inspired. What’s a good contrast with blue waves? Orange.


Ooh I like it! And I like it when my idea successfully translates into the fabric I am sewing together.

So onward with an hour of peace and quiet in the house (except for the whir of my Janome) and I got a good start on my plan.


Yup, it’s gonna be fun. I can barely wait until next weekend to make some more.

On a side note, but definitely inspiring, is my friend Sue Martin’s new business. Check out her cool custom copper jewelry at SMARTin Design .