bright spot on a rainy day

It’s a steady rain out there.  No need to water the garden.  We have had lots of sunny days, so a day of rain is probably good for all the green growing things out there.

But we all need a bright moment in a rainy day.


These peonies were split and transplanted from the backyard 4 years ago.  There have been a few blooms over the last 2 years, but this is the first year where there are many upcoming flowers. Yay!

It was very windy on the weekend when I took the photo. Hard to tell the flowers to stand still.

Pink day

Some days seem to have a colour theme, and today there seemed to be a lot of pink.

There was a peony in my backyard that I split into two and moved 2 summers ago.  No blooms last year, and one half has nothing more that leaves again this year. But the other one is clearly happy. Yay.

And a lovely little geranium is keeping my tomato plants company.


Coming up this week is my guild meeting, hooray! The block lotto for this month was on a pink/ orange palette.  With an improve white X.


2 blocks, 2 chances to win a whole bunch of blocks to make a quilt. Part of me always wants to win, part of me knows that even if I did win, I should give them to somebody else, because the last thing I need is another stack of fun quilt blocks to make into a quilt!

The final pink hit of the day…my hubby came home from a Costco shop with a bag of rice.  Check out this cool bag.  Ignore the branding.

It is silly how excited I got about this!  Look, there’s a zipper at  the top, and fun flower print material.  And sturdy handles.  Not quite fabric, not plastic. Seems pretty sturdy.  Once the rice is done I plan to sew on freeform patches to cover the Kirkland brand, maybe keep the castle.

And I was busy sewing in my free moments all weekend, but it is top secret for a few more weeks. HeeHeeHee.