coming along

Steadily working on My Canada, every free moment I get. Finished the appliqued beaver, and filled in the last spaces with trees.  Now to decide on layout.

Subtle differences, not quite right.

This is the final decision…


I have now added a white border all the way around.

And it’s time to start pinning.

DSC04099I found some Canada-esk fleece for the back. Maple leaf in a mac jacket print.  That’s Canadian, eh?


So now for the quilting.  I tried to start planning what/how I would quilt this as I pinned.  Grand plans, but we’ll see how time goes.

Clock-a-ticking, I will start free motion quilting tomorrow night.


every last bit

There’s this funny thing about quilting.  Every quilter I know has a stash, small, medium or ridiculously big. as a general rule, we all love to buy fabric and treasure it and use it too.  For me part of my stash is making use and using it up.  Ultimately I dream of using up every last piece of fabric in my stash to make beautiful things.  But there is a further expression to Stash…a quilter’s stable of fabric.  STABLE…stash accumulation beyond life expectancy.  sigh, there is never enough time to quilt.  And what a sad life if one only quilted and there was nothing else.  So, I guess balance.

In the mean time, it is very satisfying to use up all of a fabric bundle.  In this Not a bargello quilt, I have managed to use up all the fabric.  Not that I don’t like these fabrics, but I am ready to move on and not have them haunting me anymore.  Patch work on the back helps use it all up.

And I like having that little touch of the bargello remnant.


On using up all the bits, I piece together batting when I don’t have enough.


Even these little bits will get patched together for potholders one day.


And so the quilt progresses. Yay.


All pinned now and I have begun quilting.  I have mentioned before that my least favorite part of making a quilt is the basting, but when I started pinning, I was having troubles planning the quilting.  As I pinned, I came up with a plan.  So I guess the process was helpful.

Wishing you a good week of satisfying sewing and using up.