Slab vs Made fabric

Which do you like best? Sometimes there is a definite crossover, but I think of slab work as


right angles  and all vertical and horizontal, maybe a 90 degree angle thrown in. I learned about slab work from Cheryl Arkison  and from when she came and did a trunk show at a guild meeting.  I have always loved having a way to use up every last scrap and this is certainly a great way to do it.

The other way I used to use up scraps is by making “made” fabric, as Victoria Findlay Wolfe calls it.  Like this

010These are pretty much crazy squares too. They are also fun, but my order-lovin’ brain likes the organized slab much better.  I am always amazed when you take a random, same colour palette, pile of fabric and put them together, they all work together pretty well. Awesome.

And putting together scraps to make fabric seems to be a good thing.  When I first began quilting my hubby would ask “why are you cutting all that fabric apart, only to sew it back together?”  He knows better than to ask that question now.  Somehow quilting helps to keep me sane and we all like that!

Have a good week.  I am counting the days until I get another sew day.

colour gone

There is a lot of colour in autumn, but it is also the disappearing of colour as nature gets ready to rest for winter.

Bright sunflowers from my garden have now become pretty  colourless.

This one is drying inside to hopefully harvest and roast the seeds.


I have never done this, so it will be purely trial and error.

The other sunflower doesn’t seem to have had a chance to ripen as much: there is not a hint of black on the seeds, so I have left it outside for the birds to enjoy.


I have often grown sunflowers, with varying degrees of success.  I don’t have a photo of mine, but a fun variety was the Teddy Bear Sunflower.

Image result for teddy bear sunflowers

These lovely little ones are an almost perfect pompom of happy yellow.  I saved the seeds form one, to plant the next year.  That was very successful, but not in the way you would think.  I think these are a hybrid, modified to be short and cute, so when the next generation grew, they reverted back to some previous strains.  Again I don’t have a photo( this was before digital cameras) but I ended up with giant plants with over a dozen flowers on each stem of varying colours.  It was fun.  My sister stood at her 2nd storey window with a measuring tape to see how big they had become.  They were about 17 feet tall with a stem 2 inches in diameter!  You just never know.

On a more colourful note, look what I got today from my Thirty-one party order.  Deliveries to do…


And a treat for me..



And oh wait, there’s more pink.  This is the block lotto I presented in September for my quilt guild.


Have a happy pink rest of your week!

I had a party

I had a little party last night.  I love to have people over, but it doesn’t happen all that often.  My girlfriend started selling a product called Thirty-One, it’s home party sales of bags, purses, totes, storage, lunchkits etc.  Fun prints and lots of styles and you can customize with embroidered initials, names, and quotes.  I now have a thermal lunch bag with my initials and a great zip top tote for taking my crochet or hand quilting to the soccer field or park or?


It was not planned for these to be matching, just a bonus; the tote was a hostess gift.

And a bonus of having people over is that after the effort of making the house look extra tidy for company, its easier to keep it this way. For a few days at least.  There is something so pleasing about a neat and tidy house, but I just can’t seem to keep up with it all the time.  More important things like spending quality time with my family.

As I was looking around, I noticed more of the pink and green theme that has been catching me.  Cleary I have always liked this, as these latest noticings are in my own home!  On the mantel.


and on the couch.


Ah well, roll with it.


paying attention

I don’t know if I have talked about this before…oh well.

I have always noticed the colourful world around me and how it influences my creativity.  But writing this blog really makes me aware of just how much I am influenced by that colour. And what cool things you see when you pay attention.

Sometimes a particular palette seems to be tapping on your shoulder wherever you go.

Right across from my desk at work the other day…


On the wallet of a paying patient the same day…


And at Ogden Point yesterday down near the drift wood…


I do love pink and green together, but sometimes it feels too cutesy.  When in fact it is a common theme in nature.  hmm.  Very similar to this and this.

On the sewing front I have finished quilting the mostly white quilt, now binding.


Sit on the couch quietly in the evening kind of quilting. Forced, but very enjoyable moment to stop and breath.

Pink day

Some days seem to have a colour theme, and today there seemed to be a lot of pink.

There was a peony in my backyard that I split into two and moved 2 summers ago.  No blooms last year, and one half has nothing more that leaves again this year. But the other one is clearly happy. Yay.

And a lovely little geranium is keeping my tomato plants company.


Coming up this week is my guild meeting, hooray! The block lotto for this month was on a pink/ orange palette.  With an improve white X.


2 blocks, 2 chances to win a whole bunch of blocks to make a quilt. Part of me always wants to win, part of me knows that even if I did win, I should give them to somebody else, because the last thing I need is another stack of fun quilt blocks to make into a quilt!

The final pink hit of the day…my hubby came home from a Costco shop with a bag of rice.  Check out this cool bag.  Ignore the branding.

It is silly how excited I got about this!  Look, there’s a zipper at  the top, and fun flower print material.  And sturdy handles.  Not quite fabric, not plastic. Seems pretty sturdy.  Once the rice is done I plan to sew on freeform patches to cover the Kirkland brand, maybe keep the castle.

And I was busy sewing in my free moments all weekend, but it is top secret for a few more weeks. HeeHeeHee.