tiny appearance

whoa, I almost forgot how to do this!  I took an accidental break that turned into an intentional break from blogging.  Hope you are still out there now that I am back.

This is where I have shared all the little things I see around me, as well as my creations.  But along came Instagram.  I can snap a pic, post it, and get all kinds of interaction. boom.  So do I post the same stuff here? just with more detail? hmm.  we’ll see.

I have heard that rhododendrons and azaleas will sometimes bloom twice in a year, given the right environment. This morning in my backyard, I spotted something on my Azalea…

DSC04151On further inspection, look at ALL those buds!  Maybe this will be a full show.


I don’t know what I did, but suspect that neglect thru a very dry summer, and then more attention in the last while has reset the plant. Fun!

About mid-July I finally finished My Canada quilt.  Hooray.


I probably mentioned this before, but there is LOTS of quilting in there.  Even trees quilted into the blank space around the trees. And oh crap, look at the peeks of red fabric and thread showing thru.  Too late to fix that.  Character, right?


And I couldn’t find plain striped red and white fabric so I went with this one for the binding, and I’m pretty happy with it.

canada quilt binding

This was gonna be great at the Saanich fair.  I had the entry form printed and ready, but neglected to look at the submission deadline until 1 day too late. Man, was I bummed out.  Maybe next year.

I have 4 quilts planned/ due in the next 4 months, so there should be lots to show soon.


well, this year is just about done.   Many have said good riddance.  I have had a year of learning a new way.  Breath, let go, don’t feel guilty, don’t overstress, it’s ok to say no, take moments to do nothing-that is ok.

All of that is great in theory, and I am trying to apply it to life.  I am working 3 days a week so that I have more time at home with my family, my home and my creativity.  This has helped balance the busyness of life.  But still a work in progress.

I quilt a lot and feel like I want to do more, but I think I did pretty well this year.

I already have 3 must do quilts for 2017, along with many old works in progress.  And rather than weighing me down, this gets me excited for the year to come.

Thank you for following me on my fabric journey.  Wishing you a peaceful, wonderful year to come.

Volcanos, baseball and quilts, Oh my.

I am privileged enough to only work 3 days a week at the dental office now. But part of having more time at home means to me that I need to do more quality things with the kids.  Enter Summer Science day.  I have been researching a bit on science projects with kids and have a fun line up so far.  This weekend was about Papier Mache.  We started with a basic cone structure (ooh look, geometry!)from a water bottle with a broken lid, cardboard strips and some duct tape.


Next we mixed flour and water to make a goopy soup, and built our volcano with newspaper strips.


After a day to dry, we painted it Volcano colours, and it is ready for lava chemical reactions next weekend.


Baseball… no photos, but my older son B tried out and got chosen to play on a post season 9/10 all star baseball team.  The tournament started on Canada day. We spent a LOT of hours at the ballpark this weekend.  More games to come this week.

And in between, I managed to find a bit of me time to sew.  I have been playing with those pieces from Not a Bargello and came up with a fun layout.DSC03404After all the triangles were sewn together I now needed to do the much despised task of squaring up.  Tedious, but well worth it when you see how much gets trimmed away to make the squares all line up and lay flat when sewn.


Sorry about the bad lighting in the photo.

The bargello beginning of this fabric is long pieces of fabric sewn together in strips.

DSC03414 I didn’t have enough fabric to make any more strips, but enough to fiddle and make a few more triangles.  A quilty friend commented awhile ago that I have a “size”, when it comes to the quilts I make.  True, other than a few king size, I seem to make lap sized quilts.  I do like the function of a lap quilt, but wanted to try to make something a bit bigger.  I tried.

Anyway, here is the completed quilt top.  Hopefully to be quilted soon, and not relegated to a drawer for a few more years.  Here’s to not getting distracted by a new quilt plan.

DSC03417And here’s to better lighting for my photos.