Fibonacci colour

I was struck with an idea by the re-discovery of the Fibonacci sequence and the resulting Golden spiral.  I am not sure where I came across it.  A Fibonacci sequence is recognizable as (after the first 2 numbers- which are 0 and 1 or 1 and 1), each subsequent number is the result of the previous 2 numbers.  Example…1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21.  See how that works.  To me that was intriguing.  More so when they were laid out.

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Yup, that’s a quilt in the making.  And then comes the Golden Spiral.

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See what is happening here.  Exciting! Well to me, anyways.

Next came the colour palette.  Hmm, could I make it 7 numbers in the sequence?  Then I could do a rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Yay!

You saw a peek at the beginning of this one last weekend. 2 shades of each colour seemed to work well.

Next came sewing curves. Oops, I didn’t photograph that step.  But then I put all the curves together.  Pretty pleased with how that came out.  At this point I am thinking I should also do it in reverse, with the purple at the center and the biggest square in red.


But part of this project was to complete something, and keep it wall hanging sized.  So perhaps I will do the reverse colours another time.  I wanted to make the colours pop so decided on a black frame.


And then the quilting fun began.  It is great to work on something this size after the many bigger ones I have worked on.  I used a gold coated thread for either side of the curve seams, for the Golden Spiral, and then putty coloured thread for all the other stitching.


And then I framed it in little spirals, in rainbow thread.



I still have some quilting to do, and then binding.  But this is the closest to a quick finish I have done in awhile.  Partly because of the size, I have kept interest, and not gotten side tracked.

I was choosing a backing fabric on March 17th, and I came across this in my stash.

DSC03923Seemed fortuitous.  It was almost exactly the right size too.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

And then there is the fact that I was working on a rainbow, with a hint of gold.  Maybe I have had a leprechaun on my shoulder.

So that’s my math quilt.  And my 10 year old math wiz thought the whole concept and resulting quilt were “pretty cool”.  That’s an accomplishment too!

Happy spring days ahead. Lots of new spring flowers and fresh leaves appearing around here.  I love it.


rainbow solids

You know how I love rainbows.  And solid colour fabric. Put them together and what have you got? Bibbity bobbity boo. Well I think it’s like magic!


Oops, missed indigo

DSC03900That’s better, don’t you think?
I have a plan, it involves fabric ( duh, Netta), solid colour fabric, a rainbow colour scheme, and math.  Some quilters hate quilt math.  I love math in general and when I discovered a math principal that can apply to quilting, well Hooray I say.

But it’s secret, so you only get to see hints until I complete it.

See, even rainbow scraps are fun, or at least pretty.


And then there was some cutting done today.


But Baseball season has begun, which means weekends disappear while I am at the ball park.  I love baseball and love my boys playing, but my sewing machine definitely gets neglected from April to June.  I need to prep some hand work to do while I am in the stands, I think.  Or baseball related sewing… I came home today with a box full of jersey’s that need a little league badge sewn onto the sleeve.

ah well, it is what I love.  Sewing, creating, making, repairing.  It satisfies a tactile, visual, and creative need.  It fills me up.

Find the rainbow that brings you joy, it is always worth it.




It’s the spice, right?  And variety goes hand in hand with balance.  Sounds good to me.

I used to do many different crafty things…basket weaving, crocheting, beaded jewelry, stained glass, sewing, embroidery, painting, and Christmas crafting of all kinds.  Then I learned to quilt.  I still did most of the other stuff, but found I was feeling like I never had quite enough time for any one thing.  And I wanted to get better at quilting and that takes time.  I decided to pare down my other craft materials and cut out some altogether so that I could spend more time doing the main thing that I was steadily becoming obsessed with.  It was kind of freeing to have some of those craft things gone.  I still love to make, but don’t feel “obligated” to work with, say, beads, as they are all gone from my house.  I use that word, cause that’s how my brain works.

But sometimes it is good for your brain to do something else.  And it is good to go out with the girls and get away from the house and family sometimes.  So we went to Paint Nite.  You go to a bar/pub and eat, drink and paint.  An artist instructs you step by step to all make the same painting.


It was actually amazing to see the different peacocks that came out of this.  Mine was pretty true to the original ( cause I like to follow directions and rules), but many people altered the colours or perspective, or made an amazingly realistic bird.

It was fun to be creative in a way I haven’t been in a long time, but make it social, and not too brain draining.

And it helped to break up the days of sewing tiny squares.  I worked hard all weekend and got the Storm trooper quilt top together.  Although now seeing the photo, I realize I have missed a whole row of white squares on one side to frame it on all sides.  Better add that.  And I didn’t realize that the medium grey was too dark, and the light grey too light.  Too late to change it now, and it is because I wanted to use fabric I had, and not go buy more.  I think the effect is still pretty good though.


I don’t think the 8 year old will complain or criticize:)

Now I have this week to baste and quilt, in between 4 work days, a Parent Advisory Council meeting, an MQG executive meeting.  Well that’s variety in my week!  Needs to be done for Saturday morning for little M’s big 8th birthday.  And I only have part of the quilting planned.  Hmm.

Hope you have a great week. Threats of snow hereabouts, so we shall see what comes.



rainbow zebra

Well that’s a fun title.  To go with a bright and happy fabric I saw.


How can you not smile when you see this. Someone submitted this as an ugly fabric at our guild swap.  I LOVE it!

On the ugly fabric challenge, I won. Thanks for voting for me quilty folks.  I will have not problem finding a way to spend my gift certificate at Gala Fabrics. I did some straight line quilting on the green part of the chevrons, but decided to do some free-motion flowers.


I have never taken a lesson in free-motion, but I have learned that EVERY time you start free motion, you should spend just a moment doing a warm up.  I grab 2 scraps and a piece of batting, and give it a whirl.  Practice makes perfect, well makes better than just winging it.


I think I improved as I went along, and did pretty good on the thread match too.


The only actual sewing that happened this weekend was hand sewing binding while sitting for an hour in line at the passport office. Ugh, but good quality time with my needle and thread.  Have a great week ahead.



Sometimes you can bite off more than you can chew.

This is random width, straight line quilting.  Something I have done more than once, and really like.


And this is random width, match stick quilting. Something that I think looks great, feels amazing, and


Takes forever!!!

But I have begun a significant section, and there’s not going back.  So I am committed to finishing this way.  Unless I get committed to the loony bin first!

And while I enjoy the process of quilting, once I have started, I want it done to see the final result. Like, now.

This isn’t all that exciting, so here’s a little fun colour from left over tie dye colour…


At the bowling alley…


And from around the house….

I realize now that purple isn’t one of my “go to’ colours, I had a hard time finding photos.

Well that was a fun little break flipping through photos.  Now back to my match stick quilting.  Good thing I have lots of serger thread.  Hopefully the quilt will be done by the next MQG meeting.  I have less than 2 weeks.

Oh, do you like my new header? Just testing out something new.