Slab vs Made fabric

Which do you like best? Sometimes there is a definite crossover, but I think of slab work as


right angles  and all vertical and horizontal, maybe a 90 degree angle thrown in. I learned about slab work from Cheryl Arkison  and from when she came and did a trunk show at a guild meeting.  I have always loved having a way to use up every last scrap and this is certainly a great way to do it.

The other way I used to use up scraps is by making “made” fabric, as Victoria Findlay Wolfe calls it.  Like this

010These are pretty much crazy squares too. They are also fun, but my order-lovin’ brain likes the organized slab much better.  I am always amazed when you take a random, same colour palette, pile of fabric and put them together, they all work together pretty well. Awesome.

And putting together scraps to make fabric seems to be a good thing.  When I first began quilting my hubby would ask “why are you cutting all that fabric apart, only to sew it back together?”  He knows better than to ask that question now.  Somehow quilting helps to keep me sane and we all like that!

Have a good week.  I am counting the days until I get another sew day.

Sharing scraps

I have a friend who works at a seniors centre teaching crafts.  When her “students” are downsizing they often bring in boxes of yarn or fabric etc.  Hoping that M can make use of it.  Some get used, but many times she says she has trouble putting it into hands that will use it when she can’t use it for a class.  Enter in a box of cotton fabrics…and M surprised me at soccer last weekend with the huge box! It was as exciting as Christmas.  You just never know what you will find in a random box like that.


There were some old prints, not lovely enough to call vintage, some eek!, some not bad, and some really great ones. And about half a box of “other” fabric.  I went through it all and built some piles.


Then I went through the piles to rethink my “want fabric, must have/take any fabric” to ” I love this and I can see this being used by me”. That definitely made the piles a bit smaller.  I posted this photo on Instagram this morning.


It’s not that I have too much fabric, I am just running out of space. It is pretty disorderly at the moment, as I have been busy and things get half done and plunked back in my sewing area until another day. So I really need to become more selective in my taking of gifted fabric.  It is just so hard to say no.  Free and fabric combine to be almost irresistible to me.  But the realist in me weighed in on some of the decisions.

I did contact a quilty friend to “warn” her that I had a box of fabric to pass forward once I had explored it.  She was as excited as I was.  We are a crazy bunch of fabricaholics.


every last bit

There’s this funny thing about quilting.  Every quilter I know has a stash, small, medium or ridiculously big. as a general rule, we all love to buy fabric and treasure it and use it too.  For me part of my stash is making use and using it up.  Ultimately I dream of using up every last piece of fabric in my stash to make beautiful things.  But there is a further expression to Stash…a quilter’s stable of fabric.  STABLE…stash accumulation beyond life expectancy.  sigh, there is never enough time to quilt.  And what a sad life if one only quilted and there was nothing else.  So, I guess balance.

In the mean time, it is very satisfying to use up all of a fabric bundle.  In this Not a bargello quilt, I have managed to use up all the fabric.  Not that I don’t like these fabrics, but I am ready to move on and not have them haunting me anymore.  Patch work on the back helps use it all up.

And I like having that little touch of the bargello remnant.


On using up all the bits, I piece together batting when I don’t have enough.


Even these little bits will get patched together for potholders one day.


And so the quilt progresses. Yay.


All pinned now and I have begun quilting.  I have mentioned before that my least favorite part of making a quilt is the basting, but when I started pinning, I was having troubles planning the quilting.  As I pinned, I came up with a plan.  So I guess the process was helpful.

Wishing you a good week of satisfying sewing and using up.