planning and precision

A splash of green, such a vibrant green.


And it may look bad, with the baggie there, but it is parsley.  A friend gave me a plant for the garden and a bouquet too.  I didn’t need the fresh cut stuff so decided to chop it finely and freeze it.  Perfect when you need a pinch for flavour in a soup or falafels. The strong green stained my chopping board!  Growing up parsley was a staple in many dishes my mom and dad made.  Perhaps because it is more cold tolerant and they grew up with it in Denmark. And although I like parsley in many things, I can’t stand the similar looking Cilantro.  Even the smell of it makes me veer away in the grocery store.  Anyways.

As mentioned in a previous post, I have decided to enter the American Quilting Nine patch Challenge at Quiltcon East in February 2017.  Inspired by the Shot cotton fabric I found at Capital Iron in Sidney,


I set to work on a plan.  Some of my quilts are very improve, but some like this one are planned and precise.  I just hope my quilting skills bring out my plan as nice as I want it to.  Lots of organizing.


My hubby saw my process and chuckled and said “wouldn’t it be funny if I mixed up all your labels”.  The glare he received was a pretty clear answer!  Lots of precise cutting and pinning and stitching and I am well on my way.


Probably won’t show much of the rest of the quilt as I want to keep it under wraps until submission.

In the meantime, I am planning block lotto for the October MQG meeting.  Here is my colour inspiration for that block, or similar.  We’ll see.

Image result for northern lights

Have a happy Canadian thanksgiving.  Look around you at the wonderful things in your world and smile and breathe for a moment.


moody colour

One blessing of having quilty friends is that sometimes you come home and there is a bundle of fabric on your doorstep.  I had no idea who it was from so posted it on facebook, and learned it was on a free table and my friend and first quilt teacher M thought it called out “Netta”! So she grabbed it and gave it to me.

My kids have decided that the throw pillow I made will be a visual gage of mommy’s mood.

Good day, happy day.


Stand back and stand slack.


Not likely to be used for mood measure, but look at that…Pink and green again!  And I like the idea of fun throw pillows in the living room.  And frugal gal jumped in… the old pillow was a bit flat, so I used a towel with frayed edges as my batting, to add thickness.  Worked pretty well.

And although I had been looking for a charcoal grey for the contrast in my shot cotton nine patch quilt, I have decided to go with this deep blue linen.

dsc03664 I think I have got my design decided, but am hesitant to start cutting.  It’s all good to “say” I am making a quilt to enter into a challenge that may end up going to Quiltcon, but now I need to just do it and not worry about anything but the making.

I just checked out “Bedroom Style, perfectly pieced” by April Rosenthal from the library.  At the beginning of the book she has a little quilt style quiz.  Don’t you love a good little quiz to give fun insight into yourself?  I do.  No surprise my “style” came out as Coastal Vintage.  Yup, love me the old Cape Cod white trimmed house and stylings.

Now for a few days of work, and then back to some sewing.  Ooh, and I finally hung a mini quilt in my living room. (Not pink and green, but I think it still works).




Shot cotton colour

It sometimes feels silly how excited I can get about fabric.  But I know there are so many of us that feels the same.  Capital Iron  in Sidney now carries Shot cotton!  Which excites me!  Shot cotton is when the weft and warp at different colours, with amazing results.


These 3 just called to me, and even though I have yet to put pencil to graph paper, I am planning a quilt for the American Patchwork & Quilting Nine-Patch Challenge.  These quilts will be displayed at Quiltcon  next year in Savannah, GA.  Here is my tentative full palette.

dsc03634And maybe a dark charcoal (but not black) for the background.   This one will be fully planned before diving in and cutting fabric.  I don’t know if I will sleep tonight, thinking about this one!

Last weekend was the Saanich Fair.  I entered a quilt in the Modern Quilt Category.  And I won a ribbon! Yay, me.  The pink ribbon is for Special Mention ( aka 3rd place).  I don’t know if there were more than 3 quilts entered in this category, but it is a ribbon nonetheless.  I hope to get some constructive criticism/feedback from one of the judges.

dsc03625This is my Blown Away Chevron.  Three of the chevrons have been blown off the grid, and into the swirls and whirls of free motion quilting.  The fabric was an autumn themed charm pack given to me by a quilty friend a few years ago.  Thanks M.

Tomorrow is my first day off with the kids back at school.  I have planned 5 full hours of nothing but quiet. Ahhh.