gifting 2016

In a perfect world everybody would love a homemade gift, that I could make.  And I would have the time to make all my gifts.  Unfortunately not everybody wants/needs what I can do. But for those who need/want/love/appreciate fabric and yarn that has passed through my fingers I am right on it making their gifts.

Along with these, I made a heat proof table runner for my mom, and crocheted dishrags and jam for one of the boys teachers.

And now I can stop for awhile, right? Wrong.  And I know that it is self imposed.  And I do love to sew and create. Nothing like a deadline to keep me going!  M’s birthday is January 14th, so I need to get on with cutting fabric for his 8yr quilt. I have started drawing and plotting. But with approximately 1050 2.5″ squares, it’s time to stop typing and start cutting.

Enjoy your holiday pause before the new year and all that comes along with it.

Much to sew

Much to sew and not much to show.

As usual, I have much more ambitious plans than I actually have time to accomplish.  So I sew morning, noon, and night.  Except when I have to work or take care of my family, or sleep.  Which actually doesn’t leave a ton of time for sewing!

Ever year we have a little Christmas exchange at the guild.  The challenge is set and you bring your contribution in a brown bag and leave it on the table.  At the end of the night you get to choose a brown bag as your prize.

This is the pixie basket I made


And this is the one I got in the exchange


Thanks to whoever made this one!

This year seems to be the year of the table runner. I made this one  for my son’s teacher. I made a Christmas one for myself last year, but had forgotten about it…so it’s kind of like new.


And my secret santa gift for work will be this one, still in progress


just keep sewing, just keep sewing.  There are much worse things to be doing!

busy busy

Yup, busy.  I think most everybody feels the busyness of this time of year, particularly makers.  I aspire to make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible.

So there is crocheting on the go, blanket and dishcloths.  Christmas cards in progress.  A few different table runners for assorted folk.  Secret Santa projects for the office and for the quilt guild.  And I always like to sew something very girly for my dear niece P in Calgary(that item is a secret for now).  And some baking is always a good way to get into the Christmas spirit, plus a warm oven helps to keep the house warm!

My older son has had the same teacher 2 years in a row, so year 2 requires a bit more thinking in terms of gifting.  NOT going to settle with soap or candles etc.  Hmm, maybe a table runner.   At the start of the year parent teacher interview I always ask their favorite colour and what colour is in their kitchen.  Mrs. R got blue/grey/white potholders last year.  I was thinking of Christmas, and then decided to use her colour scheme too.

Test palette


The Candy Canes didn’t make the cut, and I added a blue with sparkle, a snowflake, and a white on white snowflake.  Pieced, basted, quilted, it just needs to be trimmed and bound before Friday.


That was a good evenings work.

I bought this snowman material years ago, but just never found the right place for it.  I think it works well here.


Wishing you satisfying work, and not too much busyness that it removes the joy of the season.

Table runner gift

A few posts ago, I mentioned working on  a  time sensitive project.  My aunt had a big birthday a few weeks ago.  I wanted to make something special, but size conscious as it had to travel to Denmark.

I started with the blue and white fabric I found at the quilt show and couldn’t resist.

DSC03289  And then the difficult task of determining if the background was cream or white. Neither one matched, but I decided on the white for a cleaner look.


My aunt has blue and white dishes with gulls on them, so my brain was working on curves.


But also wanted some different interest. Varying widths of stripes will do.


I planned a LOT of  very dense quilting so I pinned a LOT!

DSC03306 I forgot to get a photo of the quilting before I sent it, but I did very close straight line quilting on the white, and a very tiny stipple free-motion quilting on the blue.  Pretty happy with how it looks.


After finishing the big batik quilt, I needed something small that I could tackle in a short amount of time this weekend, just to get my brain into another gear.  Enter block lotto for my quilt guild.  This month is a tiny tent in simple colours.


It was so much fun, I made 4! The instructions said navy/night sky, with a yellow triangle edged in turquoise.