I would call it a success.  I am not able to take a completed photo of my son’s birthday quilt as he is all snuggled up in it, asleep in bed.  He has been wrapped up in it most of the last 2 days (when he is sitting down) since I gave it to him.  That makes me smile.

I did not get the quilt totally completed, but enough so that I could bind it and he could use it.  Next week I will put it back in my machine to finish.

But I did get some other things finished.  A few months ago I said “sure I can make you some pillows for your living room” to a friend of mine.  Yup, got right on that one.  But I finished 2 of them today, and the other 2 just need zippers.


We decided to put black on the back, for interest and contrast.


Really, they only took me about 15 minutes each, just a matter of getting to it.  But no beating up, just happy to be able to do them and happy they are done.

I spent time this morning finishing up my info sheet for a round robin that I am hosting at MQG Victoria .( At our actual meetings, not online.)  I am very excited, and a bit nervous.  Hope it all works as planned.  I have never been in charge of a group quilt activity before, and this is a year long event.

And then I finished up my block lotto for this month’s guild meeting and the block to present, to be finished for next month.  And organizing what blocks have been done, what colours have been used lots, which have been missed etc.  Got my notebook and I am having fun with it.  Oops, still need to put it on the guild blog, to appear at meeting time this Thursday.

That will not happen tonight.  Time for bed.  Have a great week ahead.

moody colour

One blessing of having quilty friends is that sometimes you come home and there is a bundle of fabric on your doorstep.  I had no idea who it was from so posted it on facebook, and learned it was on a free table and my friend and first quilt teacher M thought it called out “Netta”! So she grabbed it and gave it to me.

My kids have decided that the throw pillow I made will be a visual gage of mommy’s mood.

Good day, happy day.


Stand back and stand slack.


Not likely to be used for mood measure, but look at that…Pink and green again!  And I like the idea of fun throw pillows in the living room.  And frugal gal jumped in… the old pillow was a bit flat, so I used a towel with frayed edges as my batting, to add thickness.  Worked pretty well.

And although I had been looking for a charcoal grey for the contrast in my shot cotton nine patch quilt, I have decided to go with this deep blue linen.

dsc03664 I think I have got my design decided, but am hesitant to start cutting.  It’s all good to “say” I am making a quilt to enter into a challenge that may end up going to Quiltcon, but now I need to just do it and not worry about anything but the making.

I just checked out “Bedroom Style, perfectly pieced” by April Rosenthal from the library.  At the beginning of the book she has a little quilt style quiz.  Don’t you love a good little quiz to give fun insight into yourself?  I do.  No surprise my “style” came out as Coastal Vintage.  Yup, love me the old Cape Cod white trimmed house and stylings.

Now for a few days of work, and then back to some sewing.  Ooh, and I finally hung a mini quilt in my living room. (Not pink and green, but I think it still works).