been awhile

Hi there, are you out there?

I haven’t been here for sometime, but less than a year, so I thought I’d give it a whirl again. Hopefully there are still some of you who enjoy my little chats about colour and nature and most of all quilts!!!

I will go back at some point and share some finishes from last year.  But this year has been about finishing off some of my many, many projects on the go.

Here is a taste of what is hovering over my shoulder whenever I think about quilting (about 8 in this photo). Plus about 50 more ideas that have yet to be started:) There is also a half quilted project and 6 finished quilt tops hanging in my hall closet waiting to be quilted.


Oh man, where to begin…not the oldest, those need a bit more investment of time and effort.  What can I complete in short order?

I was part of a Round Robin with my guild in 2017.  The quilt top I got back was fun, but didn’t feel complete.  Plus I wanted it bigger.DSC04343

I wanted to keep the true feel of a round robin quilt, which is made by many makers, so I added a round and then put it away for a month or two.  I would pull it out now and again when I had a fresh idea. But adding rounds is fun and it’s hard to tell yourself to stop.  I decided the last round would happen last week and then I would put it to be quilted. I think it turned out pretty fun.  And so different from the things I normally do.


Sorry for the sideways photo.

I might just be hooked on medallion quilts.  Can’t wait to finally get my 2018 round robin at the upcoming guild meeting.  I have already seen it, LOVE IT, and will not add a thing.

Whoo Hoo, one off the list! Even though it has now moved to the “to be quilted” closet, I consider that done.

Ok, another long ago project was this table runner that I started 3 years ago to try out some wonky flowers.


Yup, pulling that baby apart! Mostly because I am just not inspired to have this on my table.  It was simply a tester, but I can’t get rid of it.  So I took it mostly apart and created two 12.5″ squares.


These will now go into the bag of grey background with stars blocks.  And that project will be waiting next in line.


This is meant to be a skill builder, and star sampler.  Some of these blocks may not make it into the quilt ( read as- center cross block).  The plan was for random shades of grey background and graduated colour changes of stars. Definitely still a work in progress.

But in the mean time I have taken another project off the list. Yay.

Thanks if you are still out there.

Let yourself be creative everyday, even in little ways. It can fill your soul and carry you through the tough spots.

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