Color inspiration

Recently we took the kids to the IMAX at  the Victoria museum to see America Wild, about national parks in the USA. Amazing scenery, and as usual I get inspired by the amazingness of nature.

This is called the Eye, or Grand Prismatic Spring, at Yellowstone park, and I want to make this out of fabric.  The amazing rainbow colours are caused by tiny microbes growing in the rich sulphuric spring.  The center is blue because it is sterile due to the extreme heat.

Many years ago my family travelled to Yellowstone and I had forgotten about this amazing spring until the IMAX reminded me.  I do remember the sulphur stink though!

So this is the latest on my one-day list.



feeling inspired by Easter colours


Not sure what will come of these, but maybe a table runner, just in time for Easter 2017!

And it always feels like spring when you can be in a field with 6 lovely little lambs. Thanks mom and dad for having sheep!

And they get very curious if you sit low and still

Happy Easter, happy spring!

WIPS, or Whoops, I got distracted.

It’s not that I have the attention span of a squirrel, but there are so many ideas and plans in my head for new quilts, and then the occasional due date project( birthday, baby etc.) that I have a few too many unfinished quilts. Eek! my hope is that putting it out there in the universe will make me try to reduce this pile.  And it’s not that I have become disinterested in any of these projects.  I had one unfinished one that I actually threw out because it had been haunting me for over 10 years, and even slashing it and adding to it just made it worse. Like the majority of quilters… so many quilts, never enough time.

Here is my pile of shame.



And this doesn’t include a few others brewing in my mind and on the sketch pad, and the little Make it Modern that just has to be bound before the Quilt show in May.

Hopefully one of these will make it to the finished pile soon:)