I’m back

Hi again,  sorry I was away for awhile.

We took the kids to Disneyland.  What a colour filled world that is!  The bright sights and sounds of every inch of Disneyness was amazing.  More to see than anybody could absorb in the 3 days we were there. Almost everything in that land is created by people. Every tile, every walkway, every plant, everyone.  And run like a precision clock.  Never a speck of garbage on the ground, always plenty of staff to help with any questions and guide the masses of people around.

Oh dear, that’s not the best description.  It was bright and fun and so many cool things to see and do.  I DID have fun.

So many cool sights to see.

I didn’t have time to read the description as the 3 boys were rushing me on to the next ride, but I did have time to snap a few pics of this cool mosaic.



And in amongst the created world of Disney were peeks of beautiful nature that exists in that warm California sun.  My first bird of paradise growing in a garden.


A gorgeous pink and yellow hibiscus peeking through a fence.


And some lovely pink and white plant, no idea what it is except pretty.


And in a created world of colour, this beautiful blue and white castle will stick with me.


What’s your favorite sight from Disneyland, if you have been?

After a week away I am raring to sew again.