Mandala Colouring

Sometimes life gets too busy to allow much sewing. But I do always try to get a little creative colour into my days.


This is from a colouring book my sister L gave me. “Coloring art therapy for adults”. Sounds good to me. I have always loved to colour and the new trend in colouring books for adults is right up my alley.

If I can find 15 minutes to drift away with paper and colour it refreshes me for a moment. And the designs in this book let me make full use of all the colours in my pack.


But even if I can’t be at home with my sewing machine, I do try to find hand sewing projects to do sitting in the stands at the baseball park.  I recently started working on these cathedral windows again after a 7 year hiatus.


the great thing about this pattern is that the back is completed as you add the folded squares.


The plan for this is the front of a throw pillow, but I have seen a full bed sized cathedral window quilt and part of my crazy brain wants to just keep going and make it BIG. We’ll see.  For now it is a handy thing to take to the ball park or beach or other places where I am sitting for awhile.


The only hiccup in making it really big is that I went with this patterned white that I have long ago used up.  Although I am sure I can find something pretty close for future squares.


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