they’re back!

I love so many flowers and plants, but my all time favorite has always been the Hydrangea.  They were the flowers I had for my wedding, I have always had at least one in a pot on my deck or in a flower bed at the house I was living at.  Periwinkle blue ones are my perfection.


Some neighbours have a full display already


I love that you can change the colour, depending on what you feed it.  Often very deep pink Hydrangeas have been given a very rich acidic fertilizer.  Blue for basic, so if you use lime, or coffee grounds, you can get pretty blue flowers.  I have one plant in the flower bed in the front yard, which has been given lots of fertilizer in the form of Alpaca poop.  This one is pretty strong pink, although it has only begun it’s show this year. This photo looks a lot more purple than the flowers do in real life!


And my smaller plant in a pot in the back yard is showing signs of less nutrients, pretty pot bound, I think.


Last year it had amazing variety…012

we shall see what comes.

I found another plant with two different colour variations, cool.


not sure how that happens on the same plant.

Spent a lot of time wrapping up the school year and watching baseball and doing my annual summer cleaning.  I tend to get in the mood at the end of June, rather than doing spring cleaning. Maybe because the house has survived on a lick and a promise since baseball season began back in April.  Eek!  But when you let things go, the change when it does get cleaned is really noticeable and satisfying! So there’s that going for me.

And I really tried to get My Canada finished, but it is still in progress.  Didn’t want to rush for July 1 and have it less than what I wanted it to be.  It will be done soon though. Lots of detailed Free motion.  Lots of thread! Results soon.

Have a good week ahead, thanks for visiting my little part of the internet.

6 thoughts on “they’re back!

  1. I enjoyed your post! Especially the part about summer cleaning. Teachers have a whirlwind of activity from March break to the end of June too! So nice to have time to slow down and notice the hydrangeas.

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